Friday, June 21, 2024

Basic Information about Netball


Netball is a fast, skilful team game based on running, jumping, throwing and catching. Teams may include up to 12 players, but only 7 may take the court at any one time.

Each player has a position which limits the areas on the court where they are allowed to move. The playing positions are shown by identification letters worn above the waist, on both the front and the back of the player. These positions are Goal Shooter (GS), Goal Attack (GA), Wing Attack (WA), Centre (C), Wing Defense (WD), Goal Defense (GD) and Goal Keeper (GK).

The major aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible from within an area called the Goal Circle, a semi-circle centered on the goal line and measuring 4.9 meters in radius. Only two players from each team may score goals, the Goal Attack and Goal Shooter.

The Court is 30.5 meters long and 15.25 meters wide, and is divided into thirds – the Centre third and two Goal thirds in which the Goal Circles are located. The Goal Posts are placed at the mid-point of each goal line and are 3.05 meters in height.


Each player is allowed in certain areas on the court:

Blue team (Green team positions are the same but in the opposite direction)

GS - Areas 1,2

GA - Areas 1,2,3

WA - Areas 2,3 (excluding area 1)

C - Areas 2,3,4 (excluding area 1,5)

WD - Areas 3,4 (excluding area 5)

GD - Areas 3,4,5

GK - Areas 4,5