Friday, May 26, 2017

Thank you Netball Europe and Netball Scotland!

Where: Aberdeen, Scotland

When: May 11th-14th 2017

What:  Annual Netball Europe Open Challenge

Who: The Israel Netball team was joined by the Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar and a visitational team from Bermuda.

The entire event was livestreamed - so you can still watch on NE YouTubeFacebook or Twitter!

Because they do not play on Shabbat, our girls had a very tight schedule playing three of their four matches in 24 hours and that is tough for any team! Click here to view the schedule.

Results were:

Israel 20 vs Gibraltar 61

Israel 20 vs Bermuda 61

Israel 11 vs Republic of Ireland 83

Israel 36 vs Bermuda 50 

Note the improvement from the first game against Bermuda to the second! The girls were on fire that morning!

Detailed reports of all the matches can be found here.


For the second year running, our own Nomi Komar won MVP! Her reaction to the win was: "I don't deserve it, netball's a team sport, the whole team won!"


You can still help Israel Netball achieve greatness in the Netball Europe Open Challenge and the Maccabi Games!

We are making every effort to build awareness of netball as a national Israeli women's sport where we compete in the name of Israel and proudly represent Women in Sport.

It's simple, all we ask is that you donate just a small amount 5, 10, 50 or 100 but more importantly that you pass on this request to at least 10 of your family and friends and ask them to do so too. Let's use the power of the long, long, long tail of the Web to get more and more people believing that Israel Netball is alive and well and that we intend to grow as an organisation.

So please donate to MakeaChamp:

Fundraising Raffle

The draw for our fundraising Raffle took place on Thursday April 20th. Thanks to our guest speakers Helen Gottstein, Anat Shabi and Molly Livingston for such a fun and lively evening!

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