Monday, November 29, 2021

Back on Court!

Yes, we're back! Check out the Where is Netball Played? page for details of when and where!

April 2021

Year 2020 - Summing Up

2020 isn't an easy year to sum up: so many different moments, ups and downs, on and off the court.

We started off by taking 30 juniors to London for a weekend of netball bootcamp run by @natkentonnetball. It was a huge success and everyone returned with a bigger passion and love for the game.

After that, our junior national team flew to Gibraltar for a friendly tournament. The girls gave their 100% for four intense days and made our whole netball family very proud.

While we were busy travelling, our senior league and newly established junior league were playing weekly games, with great results and sportsmanship and it created a happy environment for all involved.

For the first time, we participated in a full day sports tournament between 7 schools, and this way we were able to introduce many new girls to netball.

Shortly after all this, Covid-19 forced Israel into lockdown  and we had to think creatively how we keep everyone involved. We held zoom workouts for the whole netball family together, reaching between 30-50 participants each time. We also sent everyone fitness workouts each day, and turned it into a competition between all teams, who could get the most members involved and send in the most creative collage of post workout selfies. Our Senior National team trained on zoom as well, in the hope of staying fit.

During all this craziness, we had a few weeks in which we were able to be on court. We took this opportunity to run a coaching course, in order to prepare and teach upcoming coaches. It was a huge success and we now have 20 new young coaches.

As the new school year started, we tried to get netball going again but it didn't last long until we were in lockdown again. Everyone was desperate to play, so we took every opportunity we could to get on court. We coached in parks, met up to play just for an hour, and witnessed the smiles it put back on everyone’s faces.

We have all realized what a huge and incredible part netball is of our lives, how happy it makes us to play, coach and be part of this amazing family.

As we start 2021, we remember what we learned through the ups and downs of last year, and we’re preparing to get back on court as soon as we can, better and faster than ever.

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