Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New season 2017/2018

We started our new season not with one fun event but with two! The Seniors held their inter-city tournament in Modi'in on 2 November, with seven teams and over forty players.

Not to be outdone, 70 Juniors turned up in Ra'anana for their special evening.

Our new Junior Development Officer, Nomi Komar, had this to say:

On Wednesday 8 November, a tournament for all of Israel Netball's junior groups was held in Ra'anana. A bus was organized to bring the 30 girls from Kfar Etzion's groups (coached by Racheli and me), 10 girls from Orot Etzion School in Efrat that I coach, and 10 girls from the Modi'in chugim accompanied by their talented coach Batya Tchelet.

There were also 20 girls from the host city Ra'anana, with their wonderful coach Kayla Glick.

One evening, two courts and 70 young netballers!

The girls were mixed into groups of different colours so that they all had the opportunity of getting to know players from other parts of the country and quickly learning how to collaborate with one another.

Each team was assigned one of the 2017 Junior Maccabiah players who was responsible for allocating positions, maintaining the players' high morale as well as giving each and every one of them good playing advice. Many thanks to Yekira, Ma'ayan, Ayelet, Tikva, Yael, Shayna, Gaby and Daniella who helped make the evening such a success.

And of course to our umpires Judy and Robyn, who umpired the older players' games, and Natalie Tchelet, who umpired the younger players' games, with endless patience and lots of smiles (especially for the new Hebrew-speaking players).

A huge thank you!

Plans for the coming year:

  • 4 matches for each group against another group
  • An organized outing per group to a senior league match in Modi'in
  • A mixed end-of-year tournament
  • A mother-and-daughter's day for each group

As the evening progressed I was filled with pride and felt as if I was seeing the future of Israel Netball. Our Maccabiah players have such energy and passion for our game and it was easy to imagine all the players participating in a national junior league and I was filled with enthusiasm to make this happen!

I believe we're going in the right direction and the evening proved to us how our sport, our netball is more than just a game, it's a family, it's education for the girls, it's a way of bridging gaps, it really is the path to peace in every possible way!

I'm moving forward with these ambitious ideas and I'd be delighted if you would join me on this Israeli netball journey. Israel Netball wants to train at least 10 new coaches so that next year each of them will be able to open a group in her area. With more and more groups of kids and teens there's no reason not to start a junior league!

I will send out a separate announcement about the coaching course that we would like to run this year. In the meantime, please consider learning how to be a coach or nominate someone you think would be interested. 

If anyone has ideas, questions, thoughts I would be happy to hear them.

Thank you.

Here's to the Israel Netball Family! 




We chalked up another successful event!

In accordance with our tradition of running well organised events, every match started right on time and everyone agreed that the Netball tournament of the 20th Maccabiah was a huge success!

In addition to junior and senior teams from Australia, GB and South Africa, Israel Netball welcomed for the first time a senior team from Argentina! Both Australian teams won gold while GB took the silver and congrats to our seniors who beat South Africa to win the bronze medal.

We are extremely proud of our junior team who played superbly and came very close to beating the South African team. Considering that two of the young players had never even heard of our favourite sport this time a year ago, that was no mean feat by any standards!

Check out the results here.

Once again, we'd like to thank our wonderful umpires for their professionalism and unstinting support - to Rachael, Sue, Alice, Chris, Julie, Rhian and Ann: come back soon, you're welcome here any time!


Jtown wins League Finals!

As predicted, the spectators were treated to some wonderful netball and two very closely fought battles in Modi'in on Thursday 8th June!

In the first match, with the low score testifying to some great defending by both teams, Tel Aviv won the bronze medal in their match against Jerusalem Mercaz with a score of 24-18.

Jtown, undefeated by Ra'anana throughout the year, once again proved to be the stronger of the two teams. After taking the lead early in the first quarter, they went on to win the gold medal (35-29) for the second time since the league was first established in 2009.

Awards were presented to Martine Bernstein from Tel Aviv (MVP), Tikva Clements from Ra'anana (Most Improved) and Nat Tchelet from Modi'in (Sportsmanship).

Well done to all the teams!

Click here for this season's results.

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