Friday, June 21, 2024

The Maccabi (Maccabiah) Games is an international, Jewish, athletic event similar to the Olympics, held every four years in Israel under the auspices of the Maccabi Federation, a part of Maccabi World Union. It is sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee and World Federation of Sports, and stands as one of the five largest sporting events in the world by level of participation. It is considered a Regional Games by the International Olympic Committee.  

 Netball made its debut as a sport at the 14th Maccabi Games in 1993, however, no Israeli team participated in the netball tournament. At the 15th Maccabi Games in 1997, an Israeli team did participate in the senior competition, but the team was disbanded following.

 In 2001, during the 16th Maccabi Games, Israeli teams competed in the netball tournament, both at the senior and junior levels – a huge feat for Israel Netball. Such participation continued at the 17th Maccabi Games in 2005, in which both junior and senior Israeli teams took part.  

 In July 2009, Israel Netball proudly hosted the Netball tournament within the 18th Maccabi Games. Three senior teams, Great Britain, Australia and Israel and four junior teams, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa and Israel, took part. The games were held at the Hayovel Sports Centre in Herzliya.

 Preparations are now underway for the 19th Maccabi Games and the call has already gone out for nominations for coaches and managers. In addition to junior and senior teams, for the first time permission has been granted to hold a Masters (over-35) competition as well.