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Safeguarding     לעברית לחץ כאן 

Israel Netball, together with the support of UK Sport and INF, continues its efforts in addressing the issue of safeguarding children and individuals in sport. Judy and Lexi attended the Beyond Sport Summit in London in July 2012, where they participated in a workshop run by UNICEF with the objective of developing a set of standards that will be implemented internationally in order to protect children in sport.
Israel Netball has developed its own set of safeguarding standards relevant to all members of all clubs. While we all appreciate the multiple benefits that sport has on individuals, we also recognise the need to implement these standards to ensure an environment that promotes the highest level of inclusion in our fantastic sport.

Judy and Tal delivered a presentation on Israel Netball's implementation of safeguarding to attendees at the INF workshop held alongside the WYNC in Glasgow in August 2013.

As a full member of World Netball and of Europe Netball, Israel Netball is committed to complying with the Europe Netball Guidelines for Safeguarding and Protecting Children. 

Definition of Safeguarding

  • Taking all reasonable measures to ensure that the risks of harm to children's welfare (including physical, emotional and social) are minimised.
  • Where there are concerns about children and young people's welfare, taking appropriate action to address those concerns.

Shared Vision

All children, in any situation, of all castes, tribes, genders and abilities, have the opportunity to participate, enjoy and develop through safe, well-delivered sport and physical activity.



 1.    Court must be checked by the coach/club coordinator before players take the court.

 2 .    All players must do a warm up before playing.

 3.     All players in competitive league must complete a stress test.

 4.      All injuries should be reported to the coach and treated as necessary.

 5.      First aid kit must be at every session.

 6.      All coaches must have completed a basic first aid course.

Code of Conduct

1.      No discrimination on joining a club based on religion or levels of religious observance. Times of sessions will not interfere with religious holidays.

2.      All members are expected to treat other members both on and off court with respect.

3.      No tolerance of bullying.

4.      All participants in junior activities will be given equal court time.

5.      No discrimination based on skill level.

6.      Israel Netball management will do everything possible to be inclusive and promote inclusion.

Monitoring and Evaluation

1.  All players and guardians of underage players must be made aware of the standards of behaviour and code of conduct.  

2.  Should participants break the code of conduct, it is at the discretion of the coach how to manage the situation, including removing the individual responsible from the session/group. 

3.  Coaches should be provided with support of how to manage incidents that break the code of conduct.  

4.  Partners should be made aware of the standards of behaviour and code of conduct.