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Fun Netball Evening

Where: Modi'in Sports Hall

When: Thursday 3 November 20.00 – 23.30

A week before the beginning of Israel Netball's eighth league season, netballers from all of our six clubs gathered at the netball court in Modi'in, a city in the centre of the country, for three hours of fun, catching up with old friends and getting to know new players.

There were enough players to make up eight teams, so at the registration desk each player picked a number from 1-8 out of a hat and played for that team the entire evening.

Since the ages of our league players range from 15-65, the result was an interesting mix-and-match of teenagers playing on the same team as grandmothers, and players with years of experience playing with newbies who had only a few short months ago heard of the game never mind knowing how to actually play it! Moreover there were mothers playing either with or against their daughters and sisters playing with or against their siblings.

To complicate the logistics a little more, our organizer and umpires are also players so the roster for the preliminary mini-matches of 8 minutes each and later the 10-minute playoffs could not be prepared in advance.

Bottom line: The evening was a huge success and we're looking forward to another wonderful year of playing the sport we all love so much.

Meet our players:

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