Friday, August 12, 2022

Ra'anana vs Modi'in Juniors

The two very excited junior teams faced each other on the outdoor court at Modi'in on 25 January 2015. The Modi'in girls took an early lead scoring 3 goals to Ra'anana's 1 but by the end of the second quarter the Ra'anana team were up by 1 goal having scored 7 goals to Modi'in's 4. Not to be outdone, Modi'in were the clear leaders in the third quarter when they scored 7 goals and Ra'anana did not score at all. Ra'anana came back in the last quarter and scored 4 goals to Modi'in's 1 but this wasn't enough to take away the victory from Modi'in who won by 15-12.

State of Origin Tournament

Originally planned for last summer when circumstances prevented the tournament from taking place, the State of Origin Tournament finally happened on Thursday 5 February. Over 50 players registered which meant that we had seven teams including two Israeli teams, and two UK teams, as well as a team each from South Africa, US/Canada and Australia/NZ. This meant that players from all the clubs played with team-mates that they don't usually play with (apart from the Komar ladies in Israel-1 who have played with each other forever….)!

The fast-moving games of 10 minutes each - and later 8 minutes and 6 minutes when time began to ran out - resulted in an overall win for Israel-2 with UK-1 coming a close second.

Everyone had loads of fun and agreed that we need to hold another such tournament in the very near future.