Friday, August 12, 2022

Israel Netball is starting its sixth league season and it's anybody's guess who the lucky winners will be this year! As always at all the clubs there are new players including a few youngsters who only just became eligible to play, there are the experienced players, not to mention some golden oldies who are still playing!

So who are we rooting for? Ra'anana, the only two-time winners? Tel Aviv, last year's winners? Jtown, Jerusalem Mercaz who have also won gold? Or will Modi'in or the Katamon youngsters win big this year? Find out by following our matches and the scores.

Let the games begin! 19 November 2014 

It's going to be a really exciting season if last night's matches are anything to go by!

First, Ra'anana faced Jerusalem Mercaz who led by three and then two goals in the first two quarters. Ra'anana overtook them by one goal in the third quarter, but Jerusalem regained the lead in the final two minutes with 3 goals scored in quick succession earning them a win of 43-40.

The Katamon girls took a 1-goal lead in the first quarter against Jtown and increased the lead in the two successive quarters. Jtown fought back strongly in the last quarter from a 9-goal gap to a 5-goal gap and lost by 26-31 which earned them 2 points in the standings. 21 November 2014

Another night of great netball!

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Mercaz scored nine goals each in the first quarter but by the end of the second, Tel Aviv had crept ahead by two goals to lead by 18-16. Jerusalem Mercaz played exceedingly well in the third quarter when they scored 13 goals to Tel Aviv's seven. Although Tel Aviv rallied well in the last quarter when both teams scored ten goals each, they could not prevent Jerusalem Mercaz from gaining their second win in two weeks (39-35).

Ra'anana took an early lead against Jtown scoring 12 goals in the first quarter and another nine in the second. Although Jtown scored more goals than Ra'anana in the last two quarters, the gap was too great for them to overcome and Ra'anana won by 35-30. 27 November 2014